Mortgage Broker

See if you can buy now instead of throwing away money on rent or contact for financing a condo….  Click here to get started with Sharpe Mortgage!

Real Estate Attorney

Do you need a real estate attorney to close your purchase?
Contact Mark Seib with Ganek, which has 10 Atlanta area locations

Inspection Services

For a thorough inspection contact Russ Garmon with Garmon Home Inspections

Personal Training

Spitz Fitness will get you into shape!  And his wife sells homemade protein sweets!  Contact David at 912-398-5860

Maid Service

CorinaCleans will make your place spotless. Call Corina at 678-848-5529


Axil Montalvan can just about do anything, call him at 678-592-8736

Home Warranty

Contact Karyn with Achosa Home Warranty Service at 404-697-4731 and have no more worries about the costs of fixing worn out appliances

1031 Exchange Intermediary

For experienced 1031 exchange services call Lori Ruff with The Strategic Group